What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are the life blood of plants. Essential oils work deeply through the physical body, but also affect healing on the mental and emotional levels via their aroma, by crossing the blood/brain barrier. Essential oil therapy is added to any bodywork or sound healing session at no additional charge.

I use the highest quality, highest frequency essential oils that I can find. If you have any questions about the oils that I am currently using, or what we may have incorporated into your session, please let me know.

Raindrop Technique

Nine specially selected high quality essential oils are dropped along the spine, feet and neck and gently massaged into the body to enhance the body’s immune system. Incorporated with energywork  and deep relaxation, this treatment is cleansing, detoxifying and refreshing. 

essential oils.jpg

 45 mins $90

Incorporated into other bodywork session, pricing will be adjusted accordingly.

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