What is Sound Healing?

Everything in the Universe is vibration. Our bodies, our thoughts and emotions, everything in our world – it’s all frequency, vibration. The use of sound and vibration as a healing tool has been used throughout the world for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians used tuning forks, Yogis utilize mantra, and Buddhist culture includes Himalayan Singing bowls, to name just a few. 

Sound as a healing modality came into my practice first while I was studying Tibetan Buddhist style meditation. Himalayan bowls and bells became a part of my daily chant and meditation, .and I felt profound shifts from the vibrations.

In 2005 I began studying to deepen my understanding of how to use Himalayan bowls for enhancing the healing process of bodywork and energy balancing. Since then, sound healing has become more and more of my life’s work, and is infused in everything that I offer. I now utilize Acutonics Tuning forks, Himalayan and Crystal Singing bowls, Chimes, Tibetan bells, Planetary Gongs, and more. These potent sound tools are infused in bodywork and energy work sessions as well as in Yoga Nidra classes and privates.

I am continually amazed and deeply touched by the effect that Sound with Intention has on our consciousness, and how it connects us to our true, natural state of Oneness, Pure Love, and Bliss.

Photography by  Lydia Daniller

Photography by Lydia Daniller

Sound and Vibrational Healing

Personalized healing sessions utilizing any combination of Acutonics® Tuning Forks, Himalayan Bowls and Tibetan Bells, Crystal Bowls, Planetary Gongs, Chimes, Shamanic Drums and Rattles.

Pricing is the same as bodywork, and is often integrated into a bodywork session.

Photography by  Lydia Daniller

Photography by Lydia Daniller